Struggling to move forward after a significant life change?

I offer holistic coaching to help you find clarity and direction, so you can embrace a new beginning without fear. Let’s embark on your journey towards a more purposeful life together.


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Are you a midlife woman feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of what’s next? You’re not alone, and I’ve got just the thing to help you find your spark again!

Download my free “Explore Your Midlife Passions workbook” and start uncovering what truly excites you. 

  • Identify what lights you up
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It’s time to stop feeling lost and start living with joy and purpose. Click the link to grab your free workbook!

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Having endured the pain of divorce and its aftermath, I'm driven by a deep desire to offer the support I once longed for.

Hi, I’m Ang, a board-certified master mental health and life coach with a heart for Christian women in midlife facing major life transitions. Having endured the pain of divorce and its aftermath, I’m driven by a deep desire to offer the support I once longed for.

Through our empowering community and holistic approach, I help women discover their strength, renew their purpose, and find a brighter future. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

My journey into mental health and life coaching began during a challenging period in my life - a heartbreaking divorce that left me feeling devastated and grappling with PTSD.

Throughout that difficult time, I realized the profound impact of inadequate support and found myself longing for guidance from someone who could understand and empathize with my struggles from a Christian perspective.

Driven by this heartfelt experience, I decided to become a certified master mental health coach and professional life coach through AACC. My mission is to support other Christian women navigating major life transitions, like divorce, career changes, empty nesting, or the loss of a spouse. I believe that our relationship with Christ is the foundation for moving through life’s uncertainties and finding renewed purpose.


My coaching process is centered around a holistic and personalized approach. I begin by understanding your unique challenges, goals, and aspirations. We’ll work together to explore all areas of your life, including career, relationships, spirituality, health, and personal growth. Through one-on-one sessions, group coaching, courses, workshops, and our empowering community, we’ll uncover your strengths, identify limiting beliefs, and develop actionable steps to help you navigate major life transitions with confidence and purpose.

My coaching style is unique because I have personally experienced the struggles of major life transitions, and I approach coaching from a Christian viewpoint. This allows me to empathize deeply with my clients and offer insights from a place of genuine understanding. I blend evidence-based coaching techniques with spiritual principles, creating a safe and supportive space for self-discovery and growth. My clients often find this approach transformative, as it helps them navigate challenges with clarity, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose.

My coaching services are ideal for women in midlife who are going through significant life transitions such as divorce, career changes, empty nesting, or the loss of a spouse. If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, or uncertain about the future, and you desire guidance, support, and a community of like-minded women, my coaching is designed to empower you to overcome obstacles and embrace positive change.

Clients can expect a profound transformation through my coaching. You’ll gain clarity about your values, passions, and life purpose. With renewed self-confidence and resilience, you’ll navigate transitions with courage and grace. Through our work together, you’ll discover a deeper connection with yourself, others, and your faith, leading to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

If you’re unsure about coaching, working with me can be a life-changing experience. As a coach who has walked a similar path and overcome adversities, I can deeply relate to your struggles. My holistic approach and faith-based perspective provide a safe and compassionate environment for you to explore your concerns, find clarity, and move forward with purpose. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey that nurtures personal growth and empowers you to embrace life’s changes.

In partnerships and collaborations, I bring authenticity, expertise, and a passionate commitment to supporting women in midlife. Whether it’s collaborating on workshops, webinars, or other projects, my unique blend of mental health and life coaching, coupled with a Christian perspective, adds valuable insights and a compassionate touch that resonates deeply with audiences.

As a speaker and podcast guest, I bring a compelling message of hope, resilience, and empowerment. My personal journey and experiences enable me to connect with audiences authentically, making the topics of midlife transitions, overcoming adversity, and finding purpose relatable and inspiring. Listeners and event organizers can expect an engaging and transformative session that leaves a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.

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